Sangamon County Historical Society Publications - Price List

Author Title Year pub   Price

Bi-centennial series

Krohe, Jr., James Summer of Rage: The Springfield Race Riot of 1908 (reprinted 2000) 1973 Reprint $4.00
Midnight at Noon: A History of Coal Mining in Sangamon County (reprinted 2005) 1975 Reprint $6.00

Program booklets

Chapin, Charles A CC Brown: Lawyer Citizen 2002   $4.00
Hart, Richard A. The spirit of Springfield's Early African-Americans (1818-1859) 2002   $4.00
Pokorski, Douglas Frank Zito - Springfield's Godfather 2002   $4.00
The Illinois Watch Factory 2003   $4.00
Brady, David Hero or Hellion? The Life and Times of Robert Pulliam, Patriarch of Sangamon County 2005   $4.00
Kelley, Boston Utopian Socialism in Sangamon County: The story of the Sangamon Association and the Integral Phalanx 2006   $4.00
Fulgenzi, Sr. Darlene Ursuline Sisters in Springfield, Illinois: Knoedler, Sr Beata; Melman, Sr. Rosemary, A brief History 2006   $4.00
Brady, David Panic of 1819: It's Cause and Effects in Illinois History 2007   $4.00

Special Publications

Petterchak& Mann Vignettes from Cemetery Walks in Oak Ridge Cemetery 2004   6.00
Petterchak, Janice Bunion Derby, The 1928 Trans-Continental Foot Race 2006   6.00
Hart, Richard Lincoln's Springfield: The Underground Railroad 2006   6.00
Oak Ridge 150th Anniversary In Lincoln's Shadow: Chronicles of Oak Ridge Cemetery 2007   $15.00
Huther, John Washington Park in Springfield, Illinois -  From Its Beginnings to the Present Time 2009   $6.00
DVD 9th Annual Cemetery Walk 2005 Now $5.00
  Notecards 2001  

$4.00/3 for $8

Note: Barringer books privately printed and donated to SCHS by the Barringer family

Barringer, Floyd S. A Walk Through Oak Ridge Cemetery 1967   $6.00
Tour of Historic Springfield 1971 Out of Print  

Books no longer in print

Blankmeyer, Helen The Sangamon Country 1965 Reprint  
Heath, Caroline R. Four Days in May 1965    
Iles, Maj. Elijah Early Life and Times 1995 Reprint  

Bicentennial series

Bunn, Jr., George W. The Old Chatterton 1974    
Howard, Robert A New Eden 1974 Full text online  
Russo, Edward J. Helmle & Helmle 1974    
Skoczynski, Christine The Best of All Possible Worlds 1974    
Cooke, Sister M. Francis Doors That Never Close 1975    
Krohe, Jr., James A Springfield Reader 1976    
Simmons, Mark W. 1876, The Centennial Year in Springfield 1976    
Kwedar, Melinda Fish Unsung Heroines 1977    
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What's left of the Old Indian Trail known as Edwards Trace


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