Sangamon County Historical Society Publications

Bicentennial Series:

Krohe, Jr., James "Summer of Rage: The Springfield Race Riot of 1908"
Krohe traces the routes of the rioters and lynch mob during the Springfield Race Riot. He also describes events that precipitated the riot and includes photographs of scenes before and after the violence.

Krohe, Jr., James "Midnight at Noon: A History of Coal Mining in Sangamon County"
Krohe uncovers the rich heritage of coal mining in central Illinois, from the discovery of coal in 1865 through final returns in 1957. The booklet also provides information on the Progressive Miners of America, United Mine Workers, and labor leader John L. Lewis. 

Program Booklets:

Chapin, Charles A. "C.C. Brown: Lawyer Citizen"
From rudimentary beginnings, C.C. Brown became a talented lawyer as well as a member of the Springfield intelligentsia. This biography includes his encounters with several Springfield families as well as his involvement with the Presbyterian Church.

Hart, Richard A. "The Spirit of Springfield's Early African-Americans (1818-1859)"
From the celebration of "Emancipation Day" (1834) to Samuel S. Ball's investigation of Liberia; from the Anti-colonization Movement of Liberia to African-American schools and a slave named Nance, the author offers insight into African-American life during this period of Springfield history.

Pokorski, Doug "Frank Zito - Springfield's Godfather"
Pokorski provides a review of Zito's life as a Springfield area Godfather whose 'business' was pretty much ignored by authorities, seemingly in exchange for the community's protection from other criminal elements.

Pokorski, Doug "The Illinois Watch Factory"
This is a brief history of the Illinois Watch Factory, a Springfield industry from 1869 through 1932. 

Brady, David; and Furry, William "Hero or Hellion? The Life and Times of Robert Pulliam, Patriarch of Sangamon County"
The authors describe the darker side of the life of Robert Pulliam, long honored as the first white settler in Sangamon County. 

Boston, Kelley A. "Utopian Socialism in Sangamon County: The Story of the Sangamon
Association and the Integral Phalanx
Boston discusses the philosophical underpinnings of "utopian socialism" as it existed in 1844 in Sangamon County. 

Fulgenzi, Sr. Darlene; Jacoby, Sr. Brendan; "Ursuline Sisters in Springfield, Illinois: 
Knoedler, Sr. Beata; Melman, Sr. Rosemary A Brief History

The authors trace the Ursuline Sisters from their 1834 arrival in South Carolina, to Springfield Bishop Henry Juncker's 1857 invitation to open the city's first Catholic academy, through the lengthy history of Ursuline Academy. 

Brady, David "The Panic of 1819: Its Cause and Effects in Illinois History"
This booklet presents events leading to the Panic, as well as reports on state-run and state-owned banks and social policies of the time. 

Petterchak, Janice, "Vignettes from Cemetery Walks in Oak Ridge Cemetery"
Short biographies of twenty-five people characterized during walks through Oak Ridge Cemetery from 1996 through 2004. 

Petterchak, Janice "Bunion Derby: The 1928 Trans-Continental Foot Race"
The author describes many experiences of the runners in this national competition, which began in California, came through Sangamon County, and ended in New York City. 

Hart, Richard E. "Lincoln's Springfield: The Underground Railroad"
Hart offers a detailed account of the underground railroad in Springfield, beginning in 1833 in Farmingdale (Farmington). Through newspaper reminisces and biographies, he provides historical background for this resistance to slavery. 

Oak Ridge 150th Anniversary "In Lincoln's Shadow: A Chronicle of Oak Ridge Cemetery"
The Sangamon County Historical Society complied this series of biographical sketches of individuals and families buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery which were written by descendents of those portrayed.

Huther, John "Washington Park in Springfield, Illinois - From Its Beginnings to Present Time"
This history of beautiful Washington Park includes vignettes by Springfield residents and their relationships to the Park.

Set of five black and white photos note cards with envelopes featuring everyday Springfield in the early 20th century.

DVD "Ninth Annual Cemetery Walk"
Video portrayals of six characters portrayed during the Walk through Oak Ridge Cemetery in 2007. 

Barringer, Floyd "A Walk Through Oak Ridge Cemetery
A tour through Oak Ridge Cemetery pointing out the background of some of the notable inhabitants.

Barringer, Floyd "Tour of Historic Springfield
A tour of Springfield's historic structures in the area that constituted the original town.

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